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February 09, 2009


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Jill Ian

Well, technically, I don't have a sweetie, but I have people in my life hold special places in my heart, and I guess that is my definition of a sweetie. My friends and family are always supportive, loving and encouraging. They inspire me to be the person I am today. I think Valentine's Day is a day to be with the people you love and remain constant in your life, so I am glad to say that my sweeties are my sisters, parents and best friends - who always put a smile on my face, know what I want to eat and know when I am just putting on a happy face. The past few years have been tough due to some family struggles, but through all those hardships, I've come to realize that everyone I love and cherish remain constant in my life and never fade - they are the people who keep me sane and allow me to see the better aspects and parts of life. So my "sweetie story" is definitely not the most interesting or exciting but I belive that my sweeties are the greatest and most caring sweeties in the world! Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great holiday!


Can a sweetie be someone that you haven't seen or heard of in twenty one years ? Can it be a person whose face is remembered, but not her voice ?

My sweetie is a stranger. She is my maternal mother who left my family when I was six. I understand that this doesn't sound like much of a "sweetie" kind of story. Her choices, however, threw my life into the sweet and sweltering sun. Now, I would have to decide whether to ripen or rot.

It's not the sort of sweetness that comes immediately. It's a sweetness that has to caramelize over a lifetime.

It's a sweetness that soaks in the heat, plumps up and wrinkles in the sun, and becomes patiently harvested by careful hands.

I'm fortunate because my mother's absence brought in so many positive and independent female role models into my life. The sweetness they shared was their strength. Many friends, mothers, sisters, and teachers have displayed their beauty and the importance of family in a variety of ways. They've shared the challenges of being a mother and the challenges of being a woman. They've passed on their ripened experiences for me to develop an acquired flavour of my own.

So yes, my sweetie may be a stranger, but my life is sweeter for it.


Jill and Jen..we thank you so much for your candid stories. We can't decide so we announce you BOTH the winners. Please send your addresses to info@khayacookies.com so we can get your Khaya Cookie Contest prize right out to you...
Thank you so much for your thoughts and sharing with us.
Alicia & The Khaya Cookie Team

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